My long-awaited new book has finally arrived!

Christopher Strong: Autobiography of a Sceptical Dowser

 Practising Intuition in Every Aspect of Living

 Compiled and edited by Nigel Twinn

CS Book Cover copy

 As the title suggests, this is the fascinating story of a modest and affable man, who has been on a rather remarkable journey – physically, psychically and philosophically – throughout this life cycle.

Christopher is one of the UK’s most experienced and respected dowsers, but he is also a consummate raconteur, with a seemingly bottomless portfolio of amusing, alarming and downright astonishing tales drawn directly from his own personal experience.

This work describes how someone initially sceptical of the dowser’s craft became one of its most successful practitioners.  With case studies running into thousands, spanning several decades and numerous countries, CS has stretched the boundaries of what might be described as dowsing to the very limit.

It has been a great pleasure, but also a great privilege, to have helped him to get his life story into print.

If you would like to read a real roller-coaster of an autobiography, primarily in the words of the master maverick himself, the book is available from or from BookStop in Tavistock, Devon, UK.


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