Still Here!


2019 has been surreal


Two cancers removed

and a COPD diagnosis


But still here and still aware


Thanks to Dr Lai

and a host of well-wishers

First Day Home from Derriford

WOMAD 2019



  1. Hi Nigel , thats good to hear …very good to hear !! .
    So …… COPD eh ? …join the club ! 🙂 ….. thats what caused my collapsed lung …. the leaking bits were snipped off and the lung ‘punctures’ were sealed and healed using talc powder !! almost instant puncture repair kit and I was out at the end of the week .
    My lung capacity has remained stable ever since ( yearly tests ) . I used a Salt Pipe to help the healing , and occasionally still do when I am a bit phlegmmy . I also take homeopathic tissue salts of Ferr Phos 4 every day to aid oxygen uptake in the blood .
    So ..for me , and i am sure for you … COPD is worse sounding that it is .
    All the very very very best to you ..and love to Ros too of course X X X X X Stu

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