A Life Divined – the Life and Work of Hamish Miller

A Life Divined

In the last thirty years of a varied and eventful life, Hamish Miller established a unique and international reputation as a dowser and an author. Yet, for all the interviews and accolades, the biggest impact of his insight was actually on how we look – and how we could look – at the world around us.

The trains of thought he set in motion were so profound that they could easily destabilise the ground beneath the unwary. However, the most common result of reading a book or attending a talk by this quietly spoken Cornwall-based Scot was a feeling of openhearted liberation.

Inspirational speakers the world over tend to rely on a booming voice and a powerful presence. Hamish Miller used just an endearing smile and the simple practical experience of a successful engineer, turned businessman, who became a tireless researcher of the metaphysical and, in latter years, a seasoned philosopher.

His views were regarded by the mainstream as cutting-edge, even avant-garde, in the first decade of the 21st century – but you can’t help feeling that history will judge him differently. Quite unintentionally, he set off a whole generation on a parallel course of discovery and caused their futures to fan out in front of them like waves of sound cascading from the mouth of a trumpet.



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