Fraying at the Margins/The Idea of Dowsing

Fraying at the Margins/The Idea of Dowsing

In writing FRAYING AT THE MARGINS: THE IDEA OF DOWSING, Bill Kenny and Nigel Twinn took their cues for the project from two sources.  Andrew Edgar of the Cardiff Dowsers asked “What would the world look like if intuition was the primary  – rather than the sixth – sense?”, and the seminal Earth Energy specialist, Billy Gawn, proposed that ‘Information’ is the base level of all reality.

Much of the work previously undertaken by others in the field has centred around the ‘how’ of dowsing – what mechanism enables it to operate in the world as we know it.  For all their sincere endeavours, very little concrete progress has been made in that direction.  Here, Bill and Nigel take a completely different approach.  What must the world be like for dowsing to be a reality to people like us – as it is, so demonstrably?

Strands drawn from different areas of philosophical study, but also of practical human experience, come together to provide a more coherent picture of the dowser’s world – and indeed of the world of any reader. 

The subsequent lines of reasoning move in the direction that dowsing is a personal portal to a much deeper understanding of what our human existence is all about.  Far fetched?  Read it, and come to your own conclusions. 

This book is likely to be thought provoking for most readers – and is intended to be the starting point for a wider discussion about ‘why’ dowsing can operate. Cheerfully challenging, but cheap and easy to read – and intended to be of interest to both the open-minded dowsing novice and the hardened practitioner!

What started as a potential website, and might have become an eBook, has ended up as a traditional paperback and – in these difficult days for face-to-face contact – a ‘free’ pdf with a digital honesty box.