Dowsing – The Virtual Bridge

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Everyone can dowse. A little tuition and a modicum of private practice will help, but it is a natural, virtually universal, human ability.

However, dowsing can be both a simple, useful, practical skill – but also a portal onto a radical new view of the world around you. Modern dowsing embraces a vast spectrum of ideas and applications.

In this eBook, author and dowser Nigel Twinn explores his own journey, from novice dowser to experienced questor. It is a journey that has taken him from the end of the road to the ends of the earth – and he’s still travelling, both physically and metaphorically.

Written over the last decade as a series of short essays, the author describes many of the people and the phenomena that he has encountered, both in the British Society of Dowsers and in the wider dowsing community.

The reader is left looking at their own life, and wondering if the events that have shaped their own understanding of reality were quite what they seemed at the time – and, indeed, if their current existence could similarly be enhanced with the aid of a couple of pieces of bent wire!


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