Autumn Equinox 2014

Measurements of an Earth Energy Line and a Spiral at a Nodal Point

during and after the Autumn Equinox (23/9/2015)

(Apologies for rather odd format – WordPress doesn’t seem to like cut’n’pasting Excel tables!)

    Earth Energy Spiral (typical radius 144 cms) Earth Energy Line (typical width 110 cms)
Sat 20th AMPM 245379 207204
Sun 21st AMPM 4054424 209178
Mon 22nd AM 441 182
PM                                missed          missed
Tue 23rd AMPM 479477 158148
Wed 24th AMPM 459435 134149
Thur 25th AMPM 449410 144125
Fri 26th AMPM 409399 138136
Sat 27th AMPM 393363 126109
Mon 28th AMPM 353335 115131
Tue 29th AMPM 302274 97108
Wed 30th AMPM 208194 93109
Thur 1st Oct AMPM 186172 97101

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