Partial Solar Eclipse – March 20th 2015 – Report

Partial (approx 86%) Solar Eclipse

Viewed from Tavistock, Devon, UK

20th March 2015


This was the first solar eclipse that I have been able to both view and record in the UK.

Consequently, it was the first domestic eclipse to be recorded at this location, in the open air.

There was some mist prior to the event, which thankfully lifted before first contact – and there was a small amount of cloud around 08:30, which did not significantly hamper either viewing or recording.

The dowsed results showed:

  •  The earth energy line described a standard pattern of collapse and return, but it did not reduce to zero (as I have experienced at total eclipses). This may have been because the three celestial bodies were not exactly aligned at this location.
  •  The water line showed a similar reduction pattern. There was more movement in this type of line than in other previous eclipses, although the total effect on the water energy line was proportionately much less than on the earth energy equivalent.
  • During the eclipse the gender/polarity of the line switched from 40% male/60% female to 65% male/35% female – a little less dramatic an inversion than on some previous occasions, but still an approximate mirror image of the line in its non-eclipsed state. (‘Male’ and ‘Female’ in this context can be viewed as a metaphor for ‘polarity’ or ‘quality’.)
  •  The portions of the solar and lunar grid lines studied showed similar strong expansion patterns, although the lunar line was affected to a significantly greater extent. The solar line is embedded in the wall of the bungalow and the externally dowsable part is half located on a flight of steps – hence the need to measure only the half available on the flat concrete patio.
  •  Both crystals showed a similar pattern to previous eclipses, with the stones being slower to react than the energy lines. Both seemed to absorb considerable amounts of energy, and to retain that energy longer than the dowsable lines.

Nigel Twinn March 2015


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