The Twinn Family Tree on ‘Ancestry’

If you have access to the Family History software, (, you will find that there is a version of the Twinn family tree posted under ‘Public Member Trees’ called Twinn 150201

Twinn 150201 contains just over 14,000 names of people past and present called Twinn, Twin, Twynne and Tween – and their descendants.

There are various other trees on Ancestry with Twinn in the file name.  However, these tend to be older, and may contain some incomplete and/or incorrect information that has now ben corrected.

Just like the real thing, our tree is growing all the time and, as well as a steady trickle of new leaves,  new branches sprout from time to time, often in the least expected of places!

If you are a Twinn, or are descended from someone of that name, please  get in touch.


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  1. I once was in contact with Graham Twinn and purchased the book he wrote on the Twinn family. Is there a new site or facebook page related to just the family history? Thank you, Tina Twinn, Victoria, BC, Canada

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