Dowsing at Eclipses

Diamond Ring at Total Solar Eclipse - Anaa, South Pacific (courtesy, Geoff MItchell)

Diamond Ring at Total Solar Eclipse – Anaa, South Pacific (courtesy of Geoff Mitchell)

Ever since the hugely disappointing, and largely obscured, UK solar eclipse of 1999, we have been taking readings of dowsable earth energy phenomena during cosmic events – particularly at solar and lunar eclipses.

While we have often travelled (sometimes in the company of members of the British Astronomical Association) to exciting and quite exotic destinations, in search of a good observational site.  Yet it is quite possible (and usually necessary!) to carry out the dowsing activities from the comparatively humble, but also more comfortable, site at home here in Tavistock, UK.

An alignment of any major celestial bodies can be sensed and measured by even a novice dowser – and, in fact, as the changes to the energy lines are so huge and so fast during this brief period, it is often the very best time to do undertake this work.

A total eclipse is not essential, although it does markedly increase the impact of the forces at work – and the event can take place anywhere in the world and still be of use to the dowser.

For a process that resolutely defies laboratory testing, this is the nearest you can get to a controlled ‘scientific’ dowsing experiment (using the three largest bodies of mass readily available to the human domain).   Scale down the earth-sun-moon tableau to a cricket ball-a football-a golf ball, and you can be shown how at least some of the activity that dowsers find on the surface of the earth comes into play.

Many more of our eclipse dowsing activities and travelogues can be found in the book/eBook The Virtual Bridge – and in the archives of Dowsing Today.



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