Nigel Twinn – Coordinator of the Tamar Dowsers 2002 – 2018

Tavistock Devon UK

Who are the Tamar dowsers?

The Tamar Dowsers were formed in 2002.

An increasingly large number of us had been on one or more of the excellent dowsing courses run by local tutor Alan Neal and, at the end of a day or a weekend, we were sufficiently inspired to want to improve on our re-discovered ability.  But how were we to do it without Alan there to show us what to do?

Dowsing is essentially a solitary activity – an activity that needs a clear mind and freedom from major distractions.  Yet, there are also social and educational aspects to dowsing, that derive from undertaking the process in a group format.

If we couldn’t attend one of Alan’s courses every month, at least we could get together to support one another by visiting local sites and generally exchanging experiences.

The group currently has no formal structure, no hierarchy and no fixed format.  What we do have is a website (, thanks to founder member Jacki Ellis-Martin, a regular eNewsletter, and some enthusiastic members.  From time to time, we also have the personal support of Alan Neal, when his busy schedule of teaching and practical dowsing work permits.

Over the years, we have been joined by others, who derive their dowsing experience from other sources – and we often have people turn up to our outings, on the strength of what they have seen on the Internet.  We also sometimes arrange joint outings with other dowsing groups.

We affiliated to the British Society of Dowsers in January 2006.

Our current format is to hold talks indoors in the winter months at North Hill Village Hall, in East Cornwall, UK – and to engage in field trips, site visits and country fairs during the summer. Our outings can include visits to ancient and/or sacred sites, manor houses etc., industrial archaeological locations, woodlands and moorlands – even an airfield.

Although based in the Tamar Valley, we visit locations throughout Devon and Cornwall – and our membership is spread widely across the two counties.



    • David

      Sorry for being so shockingly bad at my admin. Since I ‘retried’ things have become hectic – and since I have been writing, new ventures, like the website, have only added to that. Enough excuses!

      You have asked a very straightforward question, but one that you could spend the rest of tour life answering! If you are interested, could I suggest that I meet you somewhere in the centre of the town and we can have a wander about with our rods.

      It may sound silly, but I have no problem wandering around Avebury or the Parthenon, but in my home town I feel much more self-conscious. However, there are clearly a lot of earth energy features associated with the former Abbey – and I understand the octagonal Chapterhouse actually directly underlies the mini roundabout next to the market car park!

      If you would like to do this, send me an email on (I look at that much more often than Facebook) and we can see what we can do – and maybe have a coffee!

      Kind regards, Nigel

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