Nigel Twinn – Ancestry back to 1480!


Relationship of Robert Twinn (b. Abt. 1480) to Nigel Graham Twinn (b.1951)

Nigel Graham Twinn is the 13th great grandson of Robert Twinn

Robert Twinn

b: Abt. 1480

d: 1544                 Duxford, Cambridheshire, UK

Robert Twinn

b: Abt. 1500

d: 22 May 1578  Hinxton, Canbridgeshire

Edward Twinn


d: 06 Apr 1623  Hinxton, Cambridgeshire

Nicholas Twinn

b: 04 Oct 1584  Hinxton, Cambridgeshire

d: 1618                Radwinter, Esssex, UK

Edward Twinn

b: 1612                 Radwinter, Essex

d: 1689                 Radwinter, Essex

Henry Twinn

b:                             Radwinter, Essex


Daniel Twinn

b: 1665                   Radwinter, Essex


Henry Twinn

b: 09 Feb 1704    Felstead, Essex


Edward Twinn

b: 1735                   Felstead, Essex


John Twinn

b: 1764                    Felstead, Essex


William Twinn

b: 1796                    Hatfield Peverel, Essex

d: 1880                    Althorne, Essex

William Twinn

b: 1818                    Stow Maries, Essex

d: 1870                    Althorne, Essex

David Twinn

b: 1853                     Woodham Ferris, Essex

d: 1939                     West Hartlepool, Co Durham

David William Twinn

b: 01 Oct 1886       Witton-le-Wear, Durham

d: 1969                      Northallerton, Yorkshire

Leonard Twinn

b: 18 Nov 1912       South Shields, Co Durham

d: 16 Mar 2004       West Moors, Dorset

Nigel Graham Twinn

b:  1951                      Southampton, Hampshire




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