Activities of the Tamar Dowsers 2002-20

             Activities of the

Tamar Dowsers



Zoom talk by Derek Gane

The Shamanic pathway

                                      Zoom talk by Patrick McManaway

Farming and Landscape Healing


Zoom talk by Alison Denham

Underwood Understood


Zoom talk by Nigel Twinn

The Idea of Dowsing

Zoom talk by Alan Jones

Druids and Druidry


Alan Jones and Sue Edwards

The Sacred Feminine


Chris Hytch

Past Life Therapy


October                    Talk by Sue Weaver                                                         

Crystals and Crystal Healing

September             Field Trip

Mount Edgecumbe

August                       Field Trip

Sibyliback Lake

June                           Solstice Celebration

The Hurlers – Bodmin Moor

May                            Workshop with David Lockwood

Dowsing and Healing

April                           Talk by Marcus Mason

Acupuncture and Earth Energy

March                          Talk by Adrian Incledon-Webber

Holy Sites and Sacred Spaces

February                    Talk by Dr Andrew Tresidder                     

Human Software and Hardware – Healing Yourself

January                      Talk by Alan Jones and Sue Edwards

Pagans, Heathens and Witches Amongst Us


December                Talk by Andy Burnham

The Old Stones

November               Talk by John Moss

Parties, Cream Teas and Dowsing Rods

October                   Talk by Gary Biltcliffe and Caroline Hoare

The Power of Centre

September             Field Trip to Merrivale

Putting the Imp into Improvement

June                          DFest 2018

March                        Talk by Brian Sheen 

The Roseland Observatory

February                   Talk by Gwynn Paulett

A Day in the Life of a Dowser

January                      Talk/Workshop by Denise Lockwood

Hypnotherapy and Dowsing


December                  Talk by Jo May

Fogou – Spirit of Place

 November                 Talk by Peter Knight                 

Dartmoor Mindscapes

October                       Talk by Cheryl Straffon              

The Cornish Otherworld

September                 Finch Foundry

with Devon Dowsers

August                           Lundy Island

with Devon Dowsers

July                                 Tywardreth Priory

 May                                 Small Pilgrim Places Field Trip

with Terry Faull

April                                  Pentiddy Woods

Open Day

March                              Talk by Valerie Gosling and David Lockwood

The Work of the Duchy Healers

February                         Talk by Helen Fox

The Holy Wells of Cornwall

January                           Talk by Terry Faull

 The Small Pilgrim Places Network


December                             Talk by Sean Ferris                

Alchemy – a modern perspective

November                           Talk and discussion with Nigel Twinn    

What are Ley Lines?

October                               Illustrated talk by Christopher Clarke     

The Wisdom of the Kogi

September                          Visit to Finch Foundry,

                                               Sticklepath nr. Okehampton

August                                Visit to West Penwith with Palden Jenkins

July                                      Visit to Berry Castle nr. Torrington, Devon

June                                     Talk and Walk with

                                              Calum Beeson to The Hurlers

March                                 Talk by Anne Hughes                         Death: A Dowsing Perspective

February                          Talk by Alan Jones                              The Tale of the Contemporary Templar

January                             Talk by Palden Jenkins                     Palden’s Penwith Project


December                        Singing the Solstice Circles

                                           – The Hurlers at Imbolc

                                            Talk by Ann Lodygowski 

                                              Advanced Animal Comunication

November                        Talk by Christopher Strong

                                            Autobiography of a Sceptical Dowser

October                               Talk by Bill Kenny and Nigel Twinn

Dowsing by Listening

August                                Visit to Penhallam

July                                       Demonstrations at Widecombe for

                                               Dartmoor National Park Authority


                                              – Joint Event with Devon Dowsers

March                                  Talk by Paul Broadhurst

The Greenwich Meridian

– Axis of Heaven

February                              Workshop with Nigel Twinn

Dowsing Asks BIG Questions

January                                Gong Bath with Wendy Scott


December                           Talk by Alan Neal

         Belief and Disbelief

November                         Talk by Ann Lodygowski

Animal Communication

October                             Talk by Michael Williams

The Dowsers Ghost

September                        North Devon/North Cornwall

                                             – with Terry Faull

August                                Duloe and St Cuby 

                                             – with West Cornwall Dowsers

July                                      Caradon Town with Gordon Ratcliffe

June                                    A Stone Circle on Dartmoor

May                                     Kit Hill Revisited

                                           Merrivale at Beltane

March                              Talk by Gary Biltcliffe

The Spine of Albion

February                         Talk by Paul Gerry

Brainwave Activity whilst Dowsing

January                          Talk by Alan Jones



 December                    Talk by Terry Faull

                             Celtic Christianity in Devon and Cornwall

November                     Talk by Peter Knight

The Cerne Abbas Giant

October                         Padderbury Fort – with Neville Wells

 September                   Penhallam Mediaeval Manor House

                                           Cothele – Apple day

                                           St Stephen’s Village Fete – Langore

 August                           The Hurlers – with Nigel Twinn

 July                                 Wizewoods

                                           – with Nick Thompson & Jo Hayes

                                           South Penquite – with Gordon Ratcliffe

                                           Rillaton ‘lost’ Manor House

 June                                Carwynnen Quoit – with Pip Richards

 May                                  International Dowsing Day – Belstone

                                           Merrivale – with Nigel Twinn

 April                                 North Hill Village Hall – Woodcraft Day

 March                              Talk by Richard Dealler

The Michael/Mary Pilgrim Route

February                         Talk by David Ward

Dowsing and Hypnotherapy

 January                          Talk by David Lockwood

        Achieving Optimum Health


 December                      Talk by Adrian Incledon-Webber

 Healing Your Home

 November                      Talk by Nigel Twinn

The Life and Work of Billy Gawn

 October                           Visit to Trefrancks Farm, St Clether – 

                                             with the Kempthorne Family

 September                   Cothele House – Apple Weekend

 August                            Widdecombe in the Moor – with Alan Neal

 May                                  International Dowsing Day – the Hurlers        

 April                                 North Hill Village Hall – Woodcraft Day

 February                       Talks by Alan Neal and Nigel Twinn        

 January                         Talk by David Lockwood

Achieving Optimum Health


 December                  Talk by John Moss

Dowsing the Decagon

 November                  Talk by Dr Patrick MacManaway

Dowsing in Agriculture

 October                       Dowsing workshops at

                                         Cothele House Apple Weekend

 September                  Dowsing workshop at Callington

for Haye Mill Charity Trust

                                            Dowsing at Dingles Heritage Centre

for Children’s Hospice South West

 August                            Visit to Helman Tor – with Alan Neal

June                                  Visit to Notter Tor – with Gordon Ratcliffe

 May                                   Trelawne House

                                             – with Ruth & John McCoryn

 April                                  Visit to Kit Hill with Alan Neal

                                             Woodcraft Day at North Hill

 March                               Archaeological sites near The Hurlers

 February                         Talk by Dave Hooley

The Archaeology of South East Bodmin Moor

 January                        Tales of the Unexpected

                                          – with Jacki Ellis-Martin



December                    Talk by Nigel Twinn

The Life of Hamish Miller

 November                   Talk by Paul Broadhurst

The Secret Land

 October                        Visit to Cullacott House – with Alan Neal

 September                  Railways and Romans at Nanstallon

       with John & Ruth McCoryn

 August                          Visit to Warbstowbury – with Annie Holland

 July                                Visit to Ed Prinn’s Stone Circle

– with the Celtic Dowsers

 June                            Visit to Pentillie Castle

  May                            Woodcraft Day at North Hill        

                                       Perran Sands – with West Cornwall Dowsers

 April                            Visit to Launceston Priory

                                      – with Jacki Ellis-Martin

 March                         Walk on Kit Hill – with Alan Neal

 February                   Talk by Nick Thompson

The Pagan World

 January                   Talk by Peter Knight

The Stones of Dartmoor



 December                  Talk by Lucy Pringle

The Crop Circle Enigma

 November                  Talk by Bart O’Farrell

Dowsing in West Cornwall

 October                        St Peter’s Church – Stoke Beach

 September                  Looe Island

 August                          The Hurlers

 – with David Lockwood & Adrian Incledon-Webber

 July                                Poundstock – with Terry Faull

 June                               Calstock Church and Roman Fort

 May                                  Trerose Manor – Mawnan Smith

 April                                 Windsworth, Looe – with Caroline Petherick

 March                              Pencarrow House

 February                       Talk by Alan Neal

 Dowsing and Light

 January                         Talk by Cheryl Straffon

Sun, Moon and Standing Stones



 December                           Talk by Hamish Miller

The Parallel Community

 November                           Talk by Andy Norfolk

Song Lines of Cornwall

 October                                 Brentor and Lydford

 September                           Hannafore Chapel

 August                                     Illand Nurseries

                                                    – with Ken and Ethnie Roberts

 July                                         Kit Hill – with Alan Neal

 June                                       Stamford Hill nr Bude

 May                                        The Lost Railways of East Cornwall

                                                  – with John McCoryn

 April                                        St Breock Downs

 March                                     Haye Mill nr Callington

 February                               Talk by Terry Faull

Celtic Christianity

 January                                 Talk by Alan Neal

Dowsing around Kit Hill



 December                           Talk by Paul Broadhurst        

St George and the Dragon Power

 November                           Talk by Marilyn Hopkins

The Templars

 October                                 Stara Woods – with Anne Hughes

 September                           Yelverton Airfield        

August                                     Bearah Tor and Langstone Downs

                                                   – with Pete Bousefield

 July                                          Trecarrell Manor

 June                                        North Petherwin – with Terry Faull

 May                                          Starra Woods

                                                    (postponed due to severe weather)

 April                                         Slaughterbridge Archaeological Site

                                                   – with West Cornwall Dowsers

 March                                     Coleton Fishacre

 February                               Talk by Alan Neal

The Charlotte Dymond Mystery

 January                                 Talk by Cheryl Straffon

Megalithic Mysteries of Cornwall



 December                           Talk by Hamish Miller

In Search of the Southern Serpent

 November                           Talk by Aaron Bray

Dowsing – then Drilling

 October                                 King Arthur’s Hall

 September                           Cadsonbury Hill Fort

 August                                    Rame Peninsula

                                                    – with Ruth and John McCoryn

 July                                          Merrivale – with Devon Dowsers

 June                                         Hawker Country – with Alan Neal

 May                                          Michaelstow – with Terry Faull

 April                                         Castle an Dinas and Roche Rock

                                                    – with the West Cornwall Dowsers

 March                                      Kit Hill – with Alan Neal

 February                                Talk by David Lockwood

Leys and Energy Lines

 January                                   Talk by Alan Neal

Dowsing and Healing



 December                                Talk by John Moss

The Stone Circle at May Cottage

 November                                Trecarrell Manor

 October                                     Penfound Manor

 September                               The Hurlers

 August                                        Warbstow Bury

 July                                              The Charlotte Dymond Mystery

                                                        – with Alan Neal

 June                                           Rame Church and Maker Camp

                                                       – with Ruth and John McCoryn

 May                                              Talk by Terry Faull

Holy Wells

 April                                              Cullacott House

 Mar                                                Castle Dore

 February                                      Tintagel

 January                                          Trewen

                                                           – with David and Denise Lockwood


December                                       Talk by Ann Moore

Dowsing with a Twist

 November                                     St Clether Chapel, Church,

                                                            Holy Well & Crosses

 October                                          Middlewood Nurseries

                                                            – with Pete and Jenny Bousefield

 September                                    Restormel Castle

                                                            – with Ruth and John McCoryn

 August                                            Pengersick Castle – with Alan Neal

 July                                                 The Stripple & The Trippet Stones        

                                                           – with Joy and Graham Montague

 June                                               Okehampton Castle

 May                                                 Berry Castle – with Gordon Ratcliffe

 April                                                Treburrow

 March                                             Berry Down

 February                                       The Hurlers Stone Circles



 November                                    Darley Ford – with Jacki Ellis-Martin

 September                                   Trewotha Farm

                                                           Talk by John Christian

August                                            Merrivale Stone Rows

 June                                                Nine Maidens, Belstone

                                                           – with Annie Holland

May                                                  Cadsonbury

 April                                                Duloe and St Cuby

 March                                             Rocky Valley and St. Nectan’s Glen

 February                                       Talk by Allan Bennett

Second Visions

                                                            Field Trip to Blacktor



 September                                      Penhallam  Manor House

 August                                              Picklebury Fort

 July                                                   St Breock Standing Stones

 June                                                 King Arthur’s Hall – with Alan Neal

 May                                                   Polson, Launceston

                                                             – with Derek Palmer


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