Lunatic Alignments

Lunatic Alignments

 I have been privileged to witness several full and partial solar eclipses.  These were awesome, emotionally-charged events, at which the spectacle is truly spectacular and the divining dramatically different.   From a dowsing perspective, much the same happens, albeit with a little less theatre, in our hall and our kitchen during a lunar eclipse.

On the 3rd March 2007, we were able to carry out a series of experiments, to investigate what happens to tried and trusted ‘domestic’ earth energy lines during the mysterious temporary death of the moon.

As with the solar eclipses, it is important to select your line(s), and to get the measure of them, before the action begins. Even before first contact, the quality of the energy starts to shift. Changes occur silently and progressively, until at totality the intangible world you thought you knew so well has become something quite different. To the more sensitive, and less scientific, this would have been an unexpected and sinister sojourn indeed. As the process unravels, the previous normality is steadily restored and the person in the moon regains their familiar face.

At previous eclipses, we sought to measure the changing ‘wavelength’ of the earth energy lines. They seem to disappear from several feet wide down to a single thread, with no width, at one resonance, only to appear in full flow at another. However, this time we tried a rather different angle of approach – and attempted to measure their ‘gender shift’ too.

I had always assumed that the line in the hall was ‘female’ – a healing line, good for bad backs. However, on closer inspection it seems to have both male and female elements.  Similarly, the line that thunders across the dining room table and the cooker is most definitely male – but it too has a shadowy alter ego.

During the eclipse, these gender demarcations appeared to reverse – not totally and not at the same time, but reverse they most certainly did. The graphs show the tracking of the lines, and their inverting genders, throughout the process.

Eclipses are very special times across the whole range of energy sensation, from the visual and physical to the subtle and the spiritual. They are interludes in time when anything seems possible and the familiar and the predictable are, briefly, no longer there for reassurance. They present a fleeting moment to see life from the other side of the tracks – if you dare.

Eclipses are also priceless windows of opportunity for the scientific dowser to measure the effect of the alignment of massive, if distant, objects on the etheric fields of the earth. The inter-action we can detect on a planetary scale during an eclipse is repeated endlessly – every second of our lives – between ourselves and every object we encounter. The dowsing may be a bit easier on the grand scale, but the song remains the same.

Nigel Twinn  April, 2007


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