What on Earth is the Benker Grid?

What on Earth is the Benker Grid?

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Anyone attending the BSD’s Annual Conference in 2017 will have heard one of the speakers mention the Benker Cubic System (aka The Benker Grid) – in the context of using a device to protect yourself from its potentially harmful effects.

I had to admit that I had never heard of it and, whispering in the ears of some of my more experienced colleagues, it was apparent that they hadn’t come across it either.

So, one misty Monday morning on Dartmoor, which happened also to be my birthday, I set off for a quiet contemplative session at the Merrivale archaeological complex to see if I could find this mysterious matrix.

Despite coming into dowsing through the earth energies portal, and being at heart a born-again leyhunter, I have always treated grids with a certain degree of scepticism.  It took me quite a while, and a fair bit of persuasion from Steve Dawson, to take Hartmann and Curry seriously – although I am now comfortable with their existence in some form.  Benker, however, has been completely off the radar – until now.

My usual visit to Merrivale starts with remaking my acquaintance with the menhir, then drifting over to the stone circle or the rows, as my mood takes me.  This time, for whatever reason, I marched eastwards, straight up to the substantial group of Bronze Age hut circles – Merriville. I duly asked for the nearest Benker line, and was quite prepared for an early lunch. However, a few feet away I received a positive response, and found myself pointing into the middle of one the ruined dwellings. Maybe nothing in that, I mused.

But, lo, time and again the huts were squarely aligned to Benker (whatever that was) and, to add a degree of confirmation, they were all on crossing points of the Benker grid. You have to believe your own personal experience.

Hartmann and Curry lines wander through and past the virtual village, as does the occasional energy ley and line of consciousness, but none of these demarcate the hut circles as definitively as Benker.  As I often say, I have been to the Merrivale complex hundreds of times over the last couple of decades, and each time I learn something new.  This time it was the turn of the Benker Grid to appear ‘out of the ether’, when I was ready to handle it.

The BSD’s website (quoting Billy Gawn’s 2005 Glossary of Terms) states that:

The Benker grid is a 10 x 10 m (about 30 x 30 ft) earth grid named after Anton Benker, a German dowser from Bavaria, which means the distance between 2 grid lines is about 30 ft.  The line itself has a thickness of 8 -12 inches.

Apparently Benker discovered this grid in 1953, and likened it to a ‘higher’ version of the Hartmann Grid, to which it seems to correlate.

There have been various attempts to define, or at least to identify, the better-known Hartmann and Curry Grids with the electromagnetic spectrum.  Personally, I have never had a positive dowsing response to this, and I am more inclined to feel that H & C are more gravitational in nature – possibly a reflection of the spin and/or momentum of our planet as it courses through space.

I dowsed for a gravitational response with Benker and got a straight no. Electromagnetic? – no. Line of consciousness? – no response, which often means right answer to wrong question, or vice versa. Hmm.

Wandering thoughtfully back to the stone rows, I found, as on previous occasions that Hartmann and Curry don’t live there.  They exist, of course, but have no relevance to how the stones are laid out.  Benker, however, runs straight down the rows, and crosses at both of the end-of-line blocking stones.  On my umpteenhundredth visit, I find that!

I meandered over to pass the time of day with my old mate, the menhir. Loads of lines, including several energy leys, run through this remaindered monolith.  Hartmann and Curry both miss both sides – Benker hits it square on both ways.  The mighty stone is in a Benker box. And, given that Benker is allegedly a three-dimensional cubic grid, then the menhir is actually in a Benker ‘tube’.

At Conference, it was implied that the Benker Grid could be harmful, and that we should protect ourselves from it, especially at the crossing points of the lines.  Here people seem to have actually singled them out as building plots and sleeping spaces.  Is this why they died out, or is our ignorance of the Benker Grid why we seem to be about to die out (only joking, sort of)?

As the Dartmoor drizzle swirled around me, I tried to get some measure of this new information.  I already knew that the lines of consciousness running across the end of each of the stone rows, and through the ‘blocking stones’, petered out after about 100m either side.  I already knew that H&C ran from horizon to horizon and beyond. So, what about Benker?

It took a while to come to terms with this, but it appears that dowsing from the middle of a couple of the hut circles, the Benker grid seems to fan out for about a kilometre.   I don’t think it stops there, but that’s as much as the people who built the huts in the first place were aware of.   A Benker cube seems to have been at the heart of each of their homes – and, intuitively, they were well aware of it.

My more philosophical approach to dowsing, working with Bill Kenny, Andrew Edgar and others, indicates that (a) consciousness is ubiquitous (and not just in our heads) and (b) matter arises out of mind (rather than the other way around).  The Benker grid seems to be brought into active focus by the consciousness of those working with it – and might just be of significance at the murky boundary between mind and matter. Beyond where it is sensed, the Benker matrix may still exist, but only in potential.   Much like the rest of the information field really!

Nigel Twinn

October 2017